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Enhancing Business Growth Through CFA Membership

Network with other entrepreneurs:  
Each spring, CFA holds an Independent Finance & Factoring Roundtable to create a lively forum where members connect with their peers, and open channels that allow the exchange of business referrals.  

Referrals and partnerships with banks and larger finance companies: 
CFA attracts a broad range of attendees at its Annual Convention and more than 100 local chapter events held during the year. These meetings provide unparalleled opportunities to connect with sources of new business. Visit the CFA Upcoming Events Calendar for Updates

Informing potential borrowers about the benefits of Factoring and ABL:  
Many potential borrowers do not fully understand factoring and ABL, and may historically distrust these options as solutions to their needs.  

CFA is working with an experienced public relations firm to increase the profile of secured lending in the business and financial media, and to emphasize the benefits it brings to the borrower.  Learn More About our Advocacy


Reducing Risk And Enhancing Profitability Through CFA Membership

Sharing best-practices with other entrepreneurs: 
Customers’ needs fluctuate.  Legislation constantly struggles to balance consumer concerns with commercial ones.  Growth brings new challenges, such as managing overseas credit risk, avoiding losses and protecting against the latest fraud scams.  That’s why CFA entrepreneurial members value the time they can spend together sharing experiences and insights. 

Connecting with Funding Sources: 
However well-funded your business is now, things can change fast, so it is critical to have connections with a broad range of potential sources of funds you can turn to.  Each spring, CFA holds a Lender’s Finance Conference, tailor-made to bring lenders together with funding sources. Visit the CFA Upcoming Events Calendar for Updates

Enhancing Staff Performance:  
CFA has long been a leader in professional education for the secured finance industry. We continue to enhance our curriculum by adding new state of the art online learning programs.  These programs will provide first-class knowledge and skill building in a flexible and economical package. Visit CFA's Knowledge Central




The CFA Community Increases New Business By 

  • Facilitating referrals between members, other entrepreneurial factors and lenders
  • Providing a central point for referral sources and partnerships with banks and larger finance companies 
  • Delivering a clear message about the benefits and trustworthiness of factoring and ABL to key target industries and referral sources

The CFA Community Helps Reduce Risk By

  • Providing a lively forum for sharing best-practices and experience with other entrepreneurs
  • Fostering connections with a broad range of funding sources, from banks to hedge-funds
  • Ensuring better staff performance through industry-focused, skills-based education in basic financial operations, delivered at low-cost, live or online
For more information on membership:
contact James Kravitz at (646) 839-6080