Ron Rossi, MB Business Capital

Hi, my name is Ron Rossi and I am the Operations Manager at MB Business Capital in Chicago. I attended the 2016 CFA Leadership Program in Chicago, led by David Nour in June of 2016. Hands down, it was one of the best industry leadership classes I have ever been to, and definitely two days well spent. David is passionate about the content and very well versed. He is engaging, and leaves you with multiple relevant leadership tools easy to employ in any job or organization. It was an investment in my personal growth that I would recommend to anyone who has the opportunity to attend!

Senior Underwriter | Asset Based Lending | J.P. Morgan

Never a dull moment! David has phenomenal energy and insight, which often led to lively and compelling discussions during the sessions and productive introspection post sessions. His suggestions for working and communicating more effectively have been quite helpful as it relates to managing my day-to-day and achieving strategic outcomes.


William Bence, Vice President, MB Business Capital

The 2016 CFA Leadership Program in Chicago, led by David Nour, was an invaluable experience. David led thought provoking discussions in a fresh and engaging way. The principles instilled by David, especially with regards to relationship economics, have helped me further develop my professional career.

Join senior leadership / board advisor, international speaker, and best-selling author,
David Nour as he returns to lead the CFA Leadership Program, with several value-based options June 7-8 in Atlanta, Georgia.

 Several attendees from 2016 session will join David Nour to teach key components of the 2017 program.





Developing the NextGen of Industry Leadership 

June 7-8, 2017 | Atlanta, GA