Underwriting Fundamentals


Join the CFA Underwriting Fundamentals program from your desk and learn how some industry leaders think through credit issues and manage risk. Underwriting is far more than gathering data and calculating ratios. You need to make judgments about how to manage risk, and these are best when based in experience.

Highlights of the program include senior ABL executives taking you through credit committee reports and explaining their thought processes. It's tough to get all these incredible folks in one spot, and that's why we are using distance learning technology to provide you a very special learning experience. If you are just starting in Underwriting, or if you interested in learning from the best, now is the time!

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What you will learn

  • A thorough and systematic overview of the key aspects of ABL underwriting
  • How to deepen awareness and understanding of assessing risks
  • How to develop deeper questioning skills to identify inconsistencies and potential fraud
  • How to develop a stronger ability to propose strategies to minimize the key risks for that client and report effectively to a credit committee
  • How to supplement and enhance on-the-job learning and internal training programs

Who should attend

  • Professionals starting in an underwriting role
  • Individuals with a few years of experience and wanting to deepen their skills
  • Underwriters
  • Credit professionals
  • Business development officers
  • Other asset-based lending professionals

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Financial Statement Essentials

E-Learning Module

  • Key principles of underwriting
  • The role of the underwriter
  • ABL loans in corporate debt structure
  • The key risks in ABL to be managed
  • Fraud prevention overview
  • The credit report and the 6Cs of credit
  • Key financial ratios and trend analysis

90 Minute Virtual Workshop

  • Overview of the underwriting process
  • Key principles of secured transactions
  • Structure of credit report – section by section
  • Basics of income statements and balance sheets
  • Review of different corporate structures and their financial statement structures

Collateral and Cash Flow Statement Essentials

E-Learning Module

  • Borrowing Base Certificate
  • Ineligibles
  • Dilution
  • Availability calculations
  • Trend Analysis
  • UCC filings

90 Minute Virtual Workshop

This virtual workshop demonstrates how elements from the income statement and balance sheet can be used to build a cash flow model and looks at practical examples to show how the results impact the risk assessment.

Due Diligence Essentials

E-Learning Module

  • Collateral
  • Company
  • Management- background checks
  • Financial Procedures

90 Minute Virtual Workshop

This workshop focuses on understanding the Field Examiner's report, how to interpret what the examiner is saying, and how underwriters can work with Field Examiners in the most effective way.

Exits and Inventory Essentials

E-Learning Module

  • Exit strategies
  • Review of loan documentation to support exit strategies
  • Inventory Evaluation and liquidation basic principles

90 Minute Virtual Workshop

In this workshop you will learn about Inventory evaluation and liquidation from one of the industry's top appraisal firms, who will be joined by an experienced underwriter to highlight what you need to know about inventory for effective underwriting.

Essentials of the Role

E-Learning Module

  • How to be the proponent of the deal (New Business) and the voice of Credit (Portfolio Management)
  • Setting a timeline to complete due diligence, and approval
  • Manage the due diligence deposit accounting
  • Direct the Third Parties needed to complete due diligence
  • Meeting the Borrower, asking questions and cementing the relationship
  • Anticipating and avoiding roadblocks
  • Presenting to Senior Management

90 Minute Virtual Workshop

Join two highly experienced senior ABL executives who will present case studies and use them to illustrate how they use their judgment when reviewing the credit write-up.

Credit Report Essentials

E-Learning Module

  • Regulatory issues
  • Overall loan structures that may be in place alongside ABL – Mezzanine, Unitranche, etc.
  • Typical ABL Client situations
  • Syndication structure and issues

90 Minute Virtual Workshop

This workshop brings together elements from all other modules and shows how they can be used to make decisions about risk mitigation and credit.