Fraud Awareness


The Fraud Awareness Workshop is a three-day program presenting best practices in the prevention and detection of borrower fraud while also recommending fraud prevention procedures for a variety of ABL disciplines. Reinforcing each learning point through numerous case studies, the goal of the program is for participants to understand their roles in mitigating the risk of fraud within their organizations.

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$745.00 for Members
$1,045.00 for Non-Members

What you will learn

  • Elements of fraud
  • Types of fraud
  • Understanding the perpetrators
  • Opportunities, pressures, symptoms, rationalization
  • Planning audits and audit risk
  • Analytical review of financial statements
  • Cases studies: Including ZZ Best, Crazy Eddie, Phar Mor
  • Fraud schemes (A/R, inventory, A/P, financial statements)
  • Accounts receivable, inventory and other concerns
  • Operating performance anomalies
  • What can you do to deter fraud?
  • Conclusions


Who should attend

Program level: Basic/Intermediate

We recommend this as a "must attend" class for any staff seeking to minimize their institution's fraud risk.

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Magnitude of the Issue

  • Cost of Fraud
  • Fraud by Organization Type
  • Fraud by Organization Size
  • Fraud by Position
  • Fraud by Gender
  • Fraud by Age
  • Fraud by Education Background


  • Due Diligence

Historical Perspective

Case Study Summaries

Best Practice Summaries

Additional Best Practice Tips