Become a Mentor


Here's a brief overview of what is required to be a mentor.  If you want to go into more depth please follow the link at the bottom of the page to the CFA Mentor Handbook.

Time Commitment

We ask Mentors to commit to a six month mentoring program.  Please see the main mentoring page for the timeline of the next mentoring program.

Over the course of that 6 months we recommend that as a minimum you have one hour-long phone call per month with your mentee.  But if it is fine if you want to talk 2 or more times a month, and if you are in the same geographical area you might even meet once or twice during that period.


Establishing objectives and an agenda

At the start of the program you will be matched with potential mentees.  They will have found you through a mentoring match search process, in which they compare your profile to what they are looking for.

One of the most important things for you to do is to identify what your mentee wants from the relationship.  They will have already made a general statement of objectives in their mentee profile, but you should spend some time discussing that during the first meeting. 

Make sure that objective is clearly written down, because you should refer to it during the process, and especially at the end when we will be evaluating the success of the program.

Once the objective is established, it is up to you as the mentor to work out how you are going to meet that objective.  You may want to work through some specific work issues with your mentee, asking them to try some things out and report back to you on progress.  If it is a technical area, such as underwriting, field examination or operations you could ask them to do homework between sessions.

You as the mentor are responsible for making the program work.  You should make sure that the calls happen, it is much more difficult for a mentee to request time from you. We will be holding calls during the program to enable you to share notes with other mentors, and to help you with any problems you come across.