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Who would we be today without mentors?


"The mentor program has been extremely beneficial to myself and my growing career."


"It’s comforting to have a role model with experience in my industry who can offer help and guidance."


"I found (and still find) it to be constructive to my job and even my personal life, and I hope other young professionals can find that too."


“The six-month term and structure of monthly meetings worked really well for me and my mentee.”


“My mentee and I discussed varied topics, from resume revision to ‘managing up’ to personal financial planning and goal-setting.”

Last year we ran the pilot mentoring program and, as you can see from the above quotes, it was a great success. Now it's your turn to build a connection in the industry that can take you to the next level. Or to give back and help someone else benefit from your experience.

How to enroll as a mentee and find a mentor

The first step in the mentoring process is to make sure your personal profile is up-to-date. The easiest way is to use the button that downloads the information from your LinkedIn profile.

Next, complete your mentee profile. This will fully enroll you in the program.

The final step is for you to search for a mentor. You can use some of the same information you included in your profile to find a good match. Once you have found a match, contact your mentor. We have provided a draft letter that you can adapt.

Please click here to download the mentee guide (login required) for more details and to get the most from the program.



How to enroll as a Mentor - Class of '18

Join the mentoring team today!

We are building a large database of potential mentors. When the mentees enroll in November, they will be able to find a mentor to meet their needs.

The time commitment is just a call or short meeting a month, for 6 months. We provide briefing calls, discussion topics, information and support. 

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Class of '18 Mentoring Program schedule

 Stage Timescale Activity
Mentor enrollment 

Sep 1 to Oct 30 

Potential mentors enroll and set up system profiles
Mentor briefing conference call
Nov 15 (Will be recorded)
Brief Mentors on program details and best practices
Mentee enrollment and matching 
Oct 27 - Dec 31
Mentees set up profiles, search for potential mentors and apply to their selected mentor
Mentee briefing conference call
Jan 15
Brief mentees on program details and best practices

Check in calls for Mentors and Mentees
Mid February
Held separately for mentor and mentee group
Review calls for Mentors and Mentees
Held separately for mentor and mentee group
Program closing calls for Mentors and Mentees
Mentors and Mentees together discussing what was achieved