Introduction to Community Management

Community Overview

This page if for administrators of either chapters or other community groups, for example WICF or YoPro!

To access the community administration settings you need to be logged in with an ID that has been set up as a community administrator.

This will enable you to:

  • Make community announcements
  • Add events (where set-up for your event)
  • Edit posts
  • Add members  (How to add members)

A few starting tips are provided on this page.  More detail will be added later.

Getting started

The best place to get started is on your community home page.  This may NOT be the home page of the website that supports your community.  The community home page is shown below.  You can access it by:

a) Finding a direct link to the online community on your community website

b) By using the "My communities" link under the "Community" tab.

There you will see both the community settings and links to all the community content

For more details on managing the community see the other pages in this section