Sponsors on home page

Sponsors on home page

Most chapter websites were initiated with a standard feature for displaying sponsor logos on the home page.

  • Can show 2 or more levels of sponsors
  • Automatically resizes sponsor logos to a single uniform size
  • Supports links from each sponsor logo to the sponsor's own website

The options available to you are:

  • Use this feature as provided
  • Hide this custom feature and create your own content block showing the sponsor logos how you prefer them to be displayed. Some notes are provided on how to do this.

We are unable to support other changes to this standard feature.



Other information

Here is some information from discussion posts that may be useful:

Adding links to the sponsors website

What if I don't like the standard sponsor display feature?

Adding and removing sponsors

To edit or remove sponsors first of all go to your home page, while logged in as a site administrator.

You will see the black tool bar, usually to the right of your screen.

Select the first button - "edit content"  and you will see the list of content items on the home page.  Select and click on the one called "Sponsors".  This may vary in position depending on the layout of your page.




You will see a content block showing your current logos.



To delete a sponsor, just click on it and press delete


To add a sponsor just click to the right of the last sponsor in that category, and then use the image manager  in the toolbar to upload a new image.  The image manager has a symbol as shown below.  The size of the logo is not particularly important, but try to have the smallest dimension greater than 250px and the largest less than 400px where possible.







Linking sponsor logos to the sponsor's website

To link a sponsor logo to a sponsor website follow the directions above to open up the sponsor content block.  Select the sponsor logo to link, and then click on the hyperlink manager from the toolbar, which has the symbol shown below:

Then add the sponsor address as shown below and click OK to save the box. 


DON'T FORGET  to click "Save" when finished