Editing the Site

Edit Your Website

To edit your website, you need to be logged in as an administrator.

If you are, you will see a small box at the side of your screen. (ONLY VISIBLE when visiting your chapter website)



 Edit this page


Add an item


Add a new page


General settings

You will mostly be using the top 3 buttons to add or edit site content.  There are some notes to get you started on the right, together with a link to the documentation provided by HigherLogic.



Work with the navigation to add pages or move items

When you click the third button for navigation, you will be taken to a page which sets out all the content of the site in folders.

You can use this to add pages, hide pages, and add content to particular pages.

To learn more about this, please refer to Higher Logic User Documentation

Add a new item to the page

When you click on the button to add a new item, a screen will open up and the first question is to decide where you want your item to be on the page.

 In this case the page is a two column design and this content is going in section 2.


Edit an item on this page

When you click on the top symbol to "edit an item on this page" it will open up to show the available items.


Then you can just click the relevant item to edit.