About YoPro! in CFA

Starting March 2015, CFA is signing Young Professionals up to join our organization wide YoPro! online community.

People who join YoPro are assigned to either the YoPro! General or YoPro! Corporate member category.

That means that when you set up your event, you can provide a YoPro! price that can be accessed by anyone who has signed up as a YoPro!  They will also have access to a wide range of other services, including networking, education and career resources.

For the technically minded, we have actually set up YoPro! to be a "membership" in the system, although it is free.  But calling it a membership can be confusing, so please don't refer to it as that.


How do I set up YoPro! pricing for my event?

1. Include in the event description text such as:  YoPros! can attend at a reduced price of $xxx.  If you are a Young Professional, please follow this link to learn about CFA YoPro! and to signup, so you can get the YoPro rate.

2. When you set up pricing, select the two YoPro! categories along with other member categories, and set the price.


Why make YoPros! sign up to get YoPro! pricing for events?

Our new website includes powerful tools for online communities, and one of our first groups to serve with these is YoPros!  The group will be more successful the more YoPros! are part of it.  Therefore we want to encourage YoPros! to register as part of the national YoPro! community at the time when they are seeking benefits for being a YoPro!


Can I offer YoPro! pricing that doesn't require this signup?

Our new systems are optimized around providing the prices that specific groups of members are eligible for.  You could offer entirely open pricing where people can select the rate they feel is appropriate, but this is more complex to set up, and does not help us identify the communities that we want to focus on.