CFA Member Types

CFA Member Types

This page explains the various CFA member types and why they exist.

1. Two levels - Chapter and National/International

CFA membership exists at two levels - so the statement member/non-member can be confusing, and should not be used.  Do not use the member/non-member option when pricing.


2. National/International

National/International CFA membership is managed by organization.  For example, Wells Fargo is a corporate member of CFA, and therefore all individuals who work for Wells Fargo are considered corporate members and get member benefits through their employer.

These are denoted in HigherLogic event pricing as Member-CFA

The profiles for these members will have ribbons that might say "CFA Member" , "CFA Member Limited" or "Foundation Contributor".  Foundation contributors are service provide companies that donate more than $2500 per year to the CFA foundation and are given some member benefits as a result.


3. Chapter

Membership at chapter level is by individual.

However those individuals who are already members of CFA through their organizations should receive a discounted chapter membership.  This is one of the benefits that their organization receives through their membership.  Please DO NOT offer a flat fee for chapter membership for everyone.

There are three classes of discounted chapter membership for employees of CFA member companies:

  • Chapter Member - Individual
  • Chapter Member - Individual Limited
  • Chapter Member - Foundation Contributor

Those who are not employees of CFA member companies pay a higher rate for the member class

  • Chapter Member - General  (Sometimes referred to as Chapter Member - Service Provider)


4. YoPro

Recently we introduced additional pricing options for Young Professionals who register with the CFA main website.  There are two classes depending on whether the individual works for a CFA member company or not.

  • Young Professional - CFA
  • Young Professional - Corporate Member - CFA


5. Pricing events

All these pricing options are available when you set up an event, using the advanced pricing option.  Just select those that you want.  Note that the system works through this list, so if someone is a Chapter Member- General and a CFA National Member, it will stop at the first that it comes to - Chapter Member -General - and show them that price.  ALWAYS HAVE A NON-MEMBER PRICE!