About Membership


Chapter membership is still managed within the existing netforum system.  The following enables you to access key information or to request changes from CFA.

NOTE: Do not edit email titles - these are used in redirecting tickets

 Chapter Membership Report   
 You Must be logged in as Chapter Admin to see this report  
 Access Membership Directory 
Requires login as Admin or other approved leader
 Wrong price displayed   

Add new chapter membership 


Membership FAQ

Why is membership still managed in Netforum?

Netforum is the central CFA database that records all membership information. 


Why can't we access Netforum the way we used to?

Now that the events are on the new HigherLogic system there is far less that Chapter Administrators need to do in Netforum.  We wanted to make a single system for chapter administration that was much simpler and easier to use, and Netforum is a difficult system to get around if you just make the occasional visit.

Instead we are building an interface to provide the information you need to keep an eye on membership.  We will also log requests for other tasks and add additional interfaces for these according to the level of need.