Understanding pricing

Please take a few moments to read and understand this section.  It can save a lot of trouble later.

When someone registers for an event, the higherlogic system assigns a price to them.  It does this by determining what their membership status is, and comparing that to the prices you set up.

If you are just selling a member/non-member price - then just select that option.  This will distinguish between chapter members and non-chapter members.



The price waterfall - something you need to understand

When you use the advanced pricing option, you will see a number of price options.  Select the ones you want. You do not need to select all these prices.

The order shows you how the system works through a waterfall until it can assign a price.  If you want the chapter member price to be the lowest, do not select the first two YoPro prices.  The system would then start by deciding if the registrant is a chapter member individual, and if they are, they get that price.  If not it moves on to the next one, until it will get to #10. Non-member, which catches everyone.  If you don't set a non-member price, non-members will not be able to register.

The last two categories are only used for people who are assigned special pricing.  See the information on this site about that.