Selling Annual and event sponsorships

Selling sponsorships for an event

When setting up an event, you can use the "Add-on" function to add one or more sponsorships.  The Add-on section is just below the main event registration pricing. 

You can have more than one sponsorship, just add more "Add-ons".


When setting up the sponsorship add-on, choose the "Chapter Sponsorship" type and then give it a title and description that is appropriate.


You can have a single level of pricing, or choose a more complex option if required

How to use add-ons for Golf Events etc

Please take a look at the guide in the resource library on how to use add-ons in a variety of situations including golf events

Using Addons and golf events draft.docx

Annual Sponsorships with no associated event

This section covers how you can sell a sponsorship without an event registration, for example an annual sponsorship.

To achieve this, create an event, but call it something like "Gotham Chapter 2015 Sponsorship".  Set the event so that it does not appear on the calendar, but do include it in search results, otherwise you won't be able to sell a sponsorship.

NOTE:  Your event/sponsorship will always be listed in event manager

Set up a single registration price as zero, and then add however many sponsorships.


Although this approach is primarily for manual entry by an administrator, you can provide the link to the "event" page to potential sponsors who can purchase online if they wish.

The receipt they will receive is a generalized acknowledgement that covers either events or sponsorships.