Manually assigning a specific price to a member or guest

READ THIS FIRST: How Event Pricing works

Before we get into the "how to" please read this to get an understanding of how this system assigns a specific registration price to an individual.

Everyone in Higher Logic is assigned to registrant classes.  They may be assigned to several classes, or none, depending on their membership status. (sometimes in the system they are also referred to as security groups). More about member types.

When you set up your event you will be given the option to assign prices according to these registrant classes.


Then you will be able to select which prices you want to set up.  You can choose some or all. 


When someone comes to register the system will look up their registrant classes, and start working down the list of prices, following the order you see above.  If they are a Chapter Member Individual it will assign that price.  If not, it will move on down the list until it finds the first registration class that the individual is in, and it will assign that price. The non-member price is set so that it will catch everyone who hasn't been assigned to a class.  

(Be careful if you have set up a complimentary  or admin price!  You must set the non-member price too, or some people will get the complimentary option because they weren't in any other registration class)

The information that follows will show you how you can over-ride this waterfall process and set the system so an individual is assigned a specific registration class for your event, that you choose.


Step 1 (of 3): Navigate to the event management section

Complimentary registrations are set up in the   Event Manager 

You can find the Event Manager from your website by using the link at the top left of your chapter events page when you are logged in.


Step 2 (of 3): Assign someone to a specific registration class for your event

In this stage we are going to assign an individual to a specific registration class for your event.  This will take priority over any other system settings, so that this will determine the price they get when they are registered.

Once you are at the Event Manager page, find the event you want to register someone for and use the drop-down on the right to find "Special"


Use the green button at the right to add a registrant, and then search. If it is a guest who does not yet have a profile, then you will need to have already added them in the registration process.


Once you have found the contact you want, select the registration class you want to assign from the drop-down list.  Note in this example shown, somebody wanted to bring a Young Professional as a guest, but had not named their guest yet.



Step 3 (of 3): Register the individual

Just one more step.  Even though the registrant class is assigned, you still need to register the individual.

You can register them yourself, using the "Register Others" option in the registration process.  Or they can even go and register themselves.