Manual registration for credit cards, check and cash

Credit Card Registrations

For a credit card registration, simply go to the event on the website and click on the register now button at the right




Then select the option to show that you are registering others, and not yourself.  Search for the person you want to register in the database.  If you can't find them, just select the "Add New Contact" to the right, and proceed with registration.

NOTE: If you added a new contact, leave about 30 minutes for the database to update before proceeding



Payments by check or cash

The system allows you to record a payment made by check or cash.  The process is in two stages:

  1. Create a registration
  2. Record it as paid by check (or cash)

Step 1: Create a registration

For this follow all the steps provided in the previous section on back-end registration when paying by credit card, but don't complete the last section where you would enter the credit card details.


Step 2: Enter payment by check (or cash)

Go to the "Registrant Roster Report", that can be found either on the page for that event, or in the event manager section.  

On the event roster identify the partially completed registration, and use the drop down on the far right to find the "Pay by check" option

A pop-up will then appear where you can enter details of either the check or cash payment


You will notice that back in the roster it will show that amount as being paid.  However it may still indicate that money is due simply because there has not been a confirmation from the credit card processing.