Media - Sponsorship

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  High Level Media Operations diagram
  Dec 16, 2015
Tim Atkinson

Video: Details of Quotes and Quote Line Items
 Salesforce Nov 16, 2015
Tim Atkinson
  Manual Procedure for assigning TSL Express Dates
 Salesforce Dec 7 2016
 Tim Atkinson
  Video: Entering a Sponsorship form order into Salesforce
 Salesforce  Nov 18, 2015
 Tim Atkinson
  Matching Invoices to orders for Media
 Salesforce  Dec 17, 2016
 Tim Atkinson
  Updating annual goals for media
 Salesforce  Dec 15, 2016
 Tim Atkinson
  Obtaining TSL Express dates from customer
Salesforce Dec 15, 2016
Tim Atkinson
  Technical notes of TSL Express dates process
 Salesforce June 27, 2017
 tim Atkinson
  Creating a media sales opportunity
 Salesforce  Dec 16, 2016
 Tim Atkinson
  Redistribute Media Order items to the correct month
Saleforce Dec 16, 16 not good
 Tim Atkinson
  Media Products and product families
Salesforce Dec 19
 Tim Atkinson