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Example 1: General overview

Example 3: National member expecting chapter member price - uses Netforum



Why you see this ticket

This is a very common ticket, when someone feels that they are not getting the correct price.  They may be saying:

  • My company is a member and I am not getting the member price
  • Please link me to my employer's profile
  • I have moved company

If their employer is a member, someone should get member pricing for national events, but ONLY if they are "linked" in the database to their employer.

NOTE!  This may not be the reason they are getting the wrong price.  It may simply be that the event is a chapter event, and they have not joined the chapter.  It is more commonly encountered when someone is joining a chapter.

Even so, when you see this ticket you should always check the profile to make sure, and to change if necessary.



Types of CFA Corporate Members - IMPORTANT

Usually people want to be linked to their employers so that they can get the member benefits that are available to employees of CFA corporate members.

However, you need to understand the following about CFA corporate membership.

Follow carefully - it can be a little confusing.

  • Only companies who lend money (or advance funds) can be full CFA members.  Typically banks and finance companies
  • Only full CFA members get discounts to the Annual Convention, Education Programs and other events run by CFA national

Got that?  Now stay with me here...

  • Other companies like Lawyers, Accountants, Software providers etc; can become CFA Foundation Contributors
  • CFA Foundation contributors get discounts to Chapter Membership

So if someone is joining a chapter - they will get CFA member pricing if they work for either a CFA member or a Foundation Contributor



How to find a profile in Netforum

You need to check if they are linked to their employer by going to the main CFA Netforum database.  This is the core database, that we do not often need to access directly, and it can be a bit complex.

You get to the database at

Once you have logged in there are two ways to find an individual's profile.

A.  Use the search at the top right.  This is quickest, but does not always work.

B, Use the "find individual"

Make sure the top left says "CRM".  If it doesn't you can use the module menu to select CRM.




How to check if the individual is correctly linked

Once you have found the individual, you will see that on their profile page there is a tab called "Relations"

In the example below there is a relationship to "Newstar Business Credit"


Note some important things.  In this case this individual receives member benefits from CFA national.

If the second box had a check mark that would mean they also had chapter benefits through membership of a chapter

Note also that in the relationship the primary flag is checked.  If it is not checked, they will not get member benefits




How to link to a (new) employer

To link an individual to an employer there is a right way and a wrong way.

If they are changing companies NEVER edit the existing relationship to change the company name.  Simply enter an end date into the existing relationship


Then add the new relationship.  The only hard part about it might be finding the correct organization - because sometimes there are several with similar names.  If they want to be linked to a member organization - you need to find the organization that has the membership.

The best way is to search for organizations, and find the right one.


For example there are many Wells Fargo records.  Some of these convey member benefits, some don't.

Choose the most relevant organization that has member benefits - as shown by the receives benefits and member flag being checked


Then you can add the relationship, by using the "+" sign at the right hand end of the relationship tab


Just use the form to add the relationship. REMEMBER to check the primary key.  Use the relationship type "Employee"