Event price wrong

Demonstration videos

Example 1:  Someone not getting the Young Professionals Price - 10 minutes

Example 2: Not getting the member price  - 2.5 minutes

Example 3: National member expecting chapter member price - uses Netforum



Decision Tree

 Background Notes
Is it for a chapter event or a CFA national event?

CFA HQ runs major conferences and Education Programs

CFA Chapters run local events


Check type of event 


Community will say "Chapter" if it is a chapter event.  More details on this page below

CFA National Events
 Only employees of CFA Corporate members get member pricing

Check if their employer is a CFA national member

Check that they are linked in the database to their employer

Chapter Events (non-YoPro!)
 Even employees of CFA member companies must join a Chapter to get member pricing to a Chapter Event

Check if they are a CURRENT chapter member


Show them how to join the chapter

IMPORTANT: Cancel/reset the existing registration


Young Professionals

Some events have Young Professional Pricing. Usually this requires the registrant to have already registered with us as a Young Professional.  This is free.


Check if the event has Young Professional Pricing and how it is set up

Check if the individual has registered as a young professional How?

Show them how to register as a YoPro!

IMPORTANT: Cancel/reset the existing registration

What Type of Event - Chapter or National

Go to the main chapter listing at http://community.cfa.com/events/calendar

Check the "Community".  If it says "Chapter" it is a chapter event.  If not - it is a CFA National Event

Are they a chapter member or registered as YoPro?


Follow the link to https://www.cfa.com/eweb/DynamicPage.aspx?Site=CFA&WebKey=3497bb7e-0ce6-4f23-b400-87d0cedd6e0d

You will need to login

Search on the individual

Then click on the link to "Memberships/Invoices"

 You will be able to see the current status of all of their memberships

 If they are a YoPro! you will also see this shown here


How to join a Chapter


To Join a chapter go to the Chapter's website using the drop-down under the Chapters link




Then just Click on the "Join" tab




Cancel/Reset the existing registration


How to Cancel/Reset the existing registration.

Once someone has started to register for an event, their registration is already set up in the system.  So even if they join the chapter, they will still just see the original price.

So you should go back into the event roster, find the registration and cancel it.


First find the event on the website, and go to the event page 

When you are logged in you will see a blue "Edit" button.  Click on the down arrow to access the registrant roster report


 When you find the registrant - check that they have not already paid.

Use the button on the right to find the cancel option, and cancel the registration.



Check how pricing is set up in the event


Sometimes you may have to check how the pricing was set up for a chapter event.  For example, is there a specific price set up for YoPros?

Start by going to the event page and click on the "Edit" button

This will show you all the prices set up for the event.  Take a look to see if there is a YoPro! price.  In this case there is.  This means that if someone is in the system as a YoPro - then they will get that YoPro! pricing.


If there is no YoPro! pricing here - also check the event description.  You may need to check with the chapter admin to see how they were going to award YoPro pricing if it is not in this list.