Andrew Swanson

Sr. Vice President / Field Exam Mgr.,
Crestmark Bank

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Crestmark Bank
Troy, MI
Work: (248)267-1622
Corporate Member


Andrew started as a Junior Field Examiner at Fremont Financial in Santa Monica, CA in 1994. He worked up to Senior Field Examiner in 1996 while continuing employment with Fremont until their sale to Finova Capital in 2000. While at Finova, he was promoted to Senior Forensic Examiner and worked on the liquidation of the Finova portfolio through 2005. In September of 2005, Andrew started at Crestmark Bank as a Senior Field Examiner and was promoted to Field Exam Manager at Crestmark Bank in 2007. He currently has 17 Field Examiners on Staff and is part of a strong recruiting, training and employee development program that has contributed to Crestmark Bank's continued growth. Andrew is currently a Senior Vice President at Crestmark Bank.