Using HigherLogic

System Map

Higher  Logic is an extension of the central database, that is used primarily for interface with members through the website, chapter sites, chapter events and online communities.

The central records are kept in Netforum, and updated into HigherLogic when they are changed.



This page lists procedures for working with the HigherLogic System  It includes links to procedures filed here and in other locations

For a general tour of HigherLogic watch this video

Full directions are provided in the Chapter Admin Support Site

How to add or move a page

How to edit a page, add images etc;

Number  Procedure  Date revised
 HL.01 Adding a new administrator to community or website
 June 16 2015
 Tim Atkinson
HL. O2
Using AdButler to set up ads on the home page
Sep 2, 2015
Tim Atkinson

Adding a member to a community - WICF
Jan 11, 2016
Tim Atkinson