Our system generated score which is recorded on an Individuals record is based on the scoring weight on items we setup in our database in Oct 2017, the maximum score an individual can have is 100% and it is a composite of 4 items: Event Registration (includes education) 30%, Committee Participation 30%, Foundation Contribution 25% and Membership 15% (membership includes a persons chapter membership or yopro membership). These scores are based on actions from 1/1/2017-present. As we get better at tracking these we can add a decay action which lowers scores over time, but we need to walk before we can run, so I think this can be done next year if not later.

Since the request was to determine a at risk member company we needed a new scoring method, the chart below is the result. We reference each individual within that company, compile each individuals score and we divide the sum of those scores by the companies employee count, in essence a utility score is generated. The chart on the at the bottom is the individual scores for each director of a member company, both charts can be used to understand the employee utility and the member BOD's score, giving you a picture of under-utilized actions by employees vs high engaged director and vice versa.

From looking at the scores for orgs I feel that a org who is below .225% is in the at risk category - low utility, if we see a director that also has a score that is very low I would say that org is even further at risk